banner1 Why become a Karpet Mart Affiliate?   Karpet & Flooring Mart is looking for a crowdsourced answer for its marketing needs / opportunity. We need a large flow of residential and commercial leads and we are willing to pay well for the leads. That is why we are opening up an opportunity for individuals and groups to market for Karpet & Flooring Mart. If you have the ability to generate flooring leads we will compensate you. You can generate leads anyway you would like as long as your practices are legal, moral and ethical. For example, you may have a home improvement website that could generate flooring leads. You could refer the business and get paid when the project is completed. Maybe your marketing efforts concentrate on the smartphone revolution. If your efforts are Generating flooring leads you will be compensated. The point is we need the opportunities And we are open to the way the leads are generated. You are encouraged to use our marketing Materials and can represent facts such as we have at 4.77 average out of 5.00 for quality, value and service on and a A average on Our target market homeowners and building owners within one hour and fifteen minutes of Farmington Hills. Your business may generate flooring leads by accident so you may as well leverage the information . You can work anywhere as well as full time or part time. Whats In It For Me WIIFM You or your group will earn 5 % for residential project s and 3% for commercial projects. This is a real opportunity when you compare it to other affiliate programs. Many programs look to compensate you 10.00 for a lead. Please help us with our marketing needs / opportunity. You will receive 1099 subcontract sales checks. Work for yourself or work in groups. You could even work in the name of your favorite cause and let your group benefit from your efforts. [affiliates_is_not_affiliate] [affiliates_login_redirect] If you are not an affiliate, you can join the affiliate program here: [affiliates_registration] [/affiliates_is_not_affiliate] [affiliates_is_affiliate] Welcome to your affiliate area. Here you can find information about your affiliate link and earnings.

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