At Karpet and Flooring Mart we have almost every type of flooring to fit your needs, both residential and commercial. Please see below for a list of different flooring we work with.

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Karpet and Flooring Mart have a wide selection of carpets for you to choose. We stock most major brands, as well as custom options. We have the right options for both residential and commercial carpeting. There are many kinds of carpeting available, including plush, shag and cable, as well as saxony, shag and shag. The right carpet for your project will depend on many factors such as traffic patterns, sun, children, pets and how long it needs to last. Karpet and Flooring Mart are happy to help you choose the right carpeting for your project.

Hardwood Floors

We have hardwood flooring for you! Karpet and Flooring Mart offers a wide range of styles and colors. We also have great installers who can install your floor. Hardwood floors can last up to 100 years if they are maintained properly. They also have a classy appearance that will stand the test of time. Hardwood flooring is very popular. Hardwood floors are also easy to maintain. To remove dirt and debris, you can use a broom to sweep the floor. A damp mop is enough. There are many types of hardwood floors, and our staff can help you choose the right one for your project.

Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring is an economical option for your flooring project. It also looks great. Karpet and Flooring Mart offer a wide range of Laminate styles and options. Laminate floors are easier to install than hardwood floors. I recommend that you hire professionals to install laminate floors unless you have a lot of experience. We stand behind our work and will give you a fair price for the whole project.

Vinyl Tile/Luxury Vinyl Tile

Vinyl flooring is an affordable option that still gives a beautiful look to your home or business. Vinyl flooring is made from plastic, but that shouldn't discourage you. Vinyl floors can look great and last a long time. Vinyl floors are easy to clean as they don't require special chemical treatment. We can bring samples of many vinyl and luxury vinyl tiles to your home or office to help you choose the right option.

Tile/Ceramic Tile

You're right! Karpet and Flooring Mart have a wide selection of tiles to suit any flooring project. We have everything you need, whether it's a basic tile to cover your basement or a ceramic tile to decorate your foyer or kitchen. We have tiles that will fit every budget, and there are many styles and colors available. Tile floors are durable and require little maintenance. We will send multiple samples to your house or business if you give us an idea of the type of tile you want. There are many types of tiles, so our agents can help you choose the right tile for your project.

Flooring Water Restoration

You have the option to choose which carpet and flooring company you want to use if you need restoration services. You will get better flooring, better customer service, and better pricing.

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